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Hyde Park Historic District Renovation​

We have the privilege of doing the historical renovation on a bungalow style house in historic Hyde Park, located just outside Hyde Park Village. Currently in progress, you will see that the steps to the finished product aren't always pretty, but the end result is worth it. Fun fact: this was Bert's family home as a child! The family sold it in 2009, and now Bert has the opportunity to reinvigorate its original charm.


Traditional Southern

Two prominent attorneys in the Tampa Bay area desired a very traditional home with double winding staircase in the front foyer in which to raise their family & entertain friends and clientele. The home, located in the prestigious Avila neighborhood of Tampa, takes its inspiration from the deep south. The project was constructed within budget and with few changes from the original Bert Thomas Architect design.

 Key West Coastal Design

Coastal living is a dream for many, and merging style with flood and storm resistant design is essential.  Located close to the Gulf of Mexico, this home is a work/live design that is elevated due to flood zones common in coastal areas.  With the garage and utility areas on the ground floor, all the living spaces are above flood areas.  The office/work area rests midway between the ground and private family area, allowing for business visitors while maintaining privacy.  The design reflects a Florida style with materials that are low maintenance and able to age gracefully, reminiscent of Key West.

For a larger & more detailed look at each project, please click the corresponding photo.  We hope you enjoy our portfolio! 
Mosk Residence, Coffee Pot Bayou, St. Pete, FL

Nestled in the quiet and art worthy community along Coffee Pot Bayou, this Mediterranean Revival home is a welcomed and recognizable addition.  Elevated several feet above sea level and enclosed by custom designed wrought iron gates, this home overlooks the water from several focal points including the front patio and the gathering area located at the cusp of the tower.  Designed with functionality and entertainment in mind, each room boasts unique features that tie into the essence of the home itself.  Shrouded in natural privacy, this residence offers several options for respite and reflection.  The courtyard and pool were designed to reflect the Mediterranean villa, with ample lounge and social areas.  Relax as you browse through the portfolio of this beautiful home!     

Jaeb Residence, Valrico, FL

The Jaeb residence is an example of a quiet retreat that is conveniently located in suburban Valrico, Florida.  The dormer windows, red brick, exposed beams, and extensive crown molding are just a few of the distinctive features of this classically inspired Georgian residence.  A frame-built residence, this home was crafted with careful details to the actual full brick veneer exterior, built in with quality by Master Builder Ray Zulli of Cleveland, Ohio.  Comfortably set back on 12 acres of land, this home allows for not only family life to flourish, but offers plenty of space for entertaining on both a formal and casual level.  As you look through our portfolio, take note of the details of each area of this beautiful home!

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