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The Bridges Assisted Living Facility, Riverview, FL  

Feeling "at home" is one of life's greatest treasures. For The Bridges Retirement Community, we worked to design a functional facility that was aesthetically pleasing, cost effective, and a welcoming home for their residents. Along with the residence building, we designed a clubhouse for entertainment purposes- complete with a half-shaded pool area, view of the lake, and formal dining/bar area with a fire place. Check out this one-of-a-kind assisted living facility located in Riverview, FL!

Medical & Assisted Living Facilities

SDI Diagnostic Imaging, Hyde Park, FL

A very tight urban site in a historic district required responding to both the needs of the owner as well as the requirements of the community.  The technical details of CT scans, MRI equipment, and other diagnostic equipment was met within the building envelope using roof shapes and exterior archways "borrowed" from local neighborhood landmarks that no longer existed, but easily recognized by long-time residents.  This gave the new facility, initially resisted in the tight-knit community, instant acceptance once the building actually took form.  


Working hand-in-hand with the owner, the interior floor plan design that evolved met all the equipment needs, the patient flow, and the staff needs in an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable facility.

SDI Diagnostic Imaging, Armenia Avenue, Tampa, FL

The purchase of a "dated" existing building presented both diagnostic equipment and other exterior aesthetic challenges.  Severe structural problems were solved by our design team in allowing the building to be radically altered to resolve the issues.  Creative design solutions were also engaged to allow for the building to be renovated without triggering site requirements that would have otherwise halted the project.  Our team provided architectural and engineering services, as well as limited construction administration for the project.

For a more detailed look at each project, please click the corresponding photo.  We hope you enjoy our portfolio! 
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